Captain Andrew Adams

14 November 1947 – 15 August 2015
Rest in peace
Captain Andrew Adams
68 Years
Today is marred with huge sadness
My eyes sting as I shed a tear
But I’m still celebrating Daddy
Your birthday, your 68th year

You left me daddy in August
I cant believe that 3 months have passed
But you live on in my thoughts, dad
It’s these memories that always last

You were always so proud of me daddy
And you’d laugh at my quick repertoires
And when I was little you would show me the sky
Teaching me the names of the stars

So this evening I will look up
I’ll search North Star and then find the plough
Knowing you are close by Dad
Happy, and in no pain now

I hoped I cared well for you daddy
I did the best that i could
And if there was anything else Papa Bear
I’ll have done that too, promise I would

They say time is a wonderful healer
I’m not sure yet, you’ve left a large hole
And the tears keep falling daddy
For the piece of my heart that you stole

I remember so vividly our last words
You were wanting to fall fast asleep
I knew we didn’t haveĀ long Dad
Those words were engraving so deep

So now is my time for reflection
As I raise my glass dad, just for you
Always in my thoughts and heart
Happy birthday Dad, happy birthday to you

Rachel Limb, daughter of Andy, 12th November 2015
Note: 20th August 2019
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The family of Captain Adams requested that donations be made to the NSPCC in lieu of flowers. Andy had personally supported this charity for many years.
Captain Adams’ Ā funeral was held on Tuesday 8th September at St Nicholas, Harwich. The family would like to thank all those who attended the celebration of Andy’s life. The eulogy is now available on this site
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